Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Is Lashana Lynch playing Monica Rambeau in Marvel's "Captain Marvel"? (Clickbait roundup)

I was going to write a big, thoughtful post about this, and even created this image to illustrate it:

And started building the "clickbait roundup":

Geek Tyrant
ComicBook dot Com

I even found this video...

 ...But other things got in my way, and the news has moved on. To sum up:

One black actress has pulled out of Marvel's "Captain Marvel" movie, and another taken her place. There has been a lot of race-changing between comics and movies, but with a black female Captain Marvel having been in the comics, and considering the ways that superhero movies these days pay a lot of fan service, having a black woman in a Captain Marvel movie by Marvel is a pretty dead giveaway that Monica Rambeau is going to be in this movie.

The rest of this post would have been about how I first saw Minica Rambeau on the cover o that isue of The Amazing Spider-Man in a magazinse shop on 1st ave & 57th St, but rejected it becaus she was not my Captain Marvel, but how when I came to read all her adventures with the Avengers in research for this project, came to realize that she was an awesome character. She was brave, realistic, and actually studied up on all the Avengers' villains so she could battle them efectively. In many ways she was a better "feminist role model" than Carol Danvers' Ms.Marvel when she first appeared.

It's a shame that Marvel had to bring back Captain America to the Avengers at her expense, and that she never had a regular series of her own.

I will just close with this video which, for the record, tells the story of the Death of Mar-Vel and the coming of Monica Rambeau, including some things that made her unique...

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