Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Captain Marvel movie announced fom Marvel, and the Internet is all over it

So now, after a reasonable interval has passed since DC announced their "Shazam" movie is scheduled to be released in 2019, Marvel has announced their upcoming movies, including "Captain Marvel."

This Captain Marvel will obviously be Carol Danvers. She is Marvel Comics' current Captain Marvel, appeared in the "Marvel Universe" arena show, enjoys great popularity, and is a major supporting player in several of Marvel's big crossover epics.

Cinema Blend has been all over the topic. They were among the many news outlets who announced the line-up of upcoming movies, including "Captain Marvel," which is scheduled for July 6, 2018.

This release date trumps the April 5, 2019 announced release date for "Shazam," making it even less likely, in my mind, that the hero in DC's movie will be named "Captain Marvel." There is enough confusion in the marketplace about the character's name and who owns which rights to whom, etc. DC is positioning their new re-boot/re-imagination of the character as an enthusiastic kid in the body of a hero named "Shazam," and unless Grant Morrison's Captain Marvel becomes some kind of runaway mainstream success like "Watchmen," I don't see how a company like DC would fail to maintain their new character.

Cinema Blend, of course, followed up their story with a little more detail and speculation about the newly-announced "Captain Marvel" movie, including he possibility that w may see her in an "Avengers" movie.

And now the casting speculations start to roll in. Jessica Chastain is one idea, based on how long she has been talking with Marvel, and despite a little tweet she posted denying it...

...and Katherine Winnick is being acused of "pulling a Sean Young" for a litle bit of fan art of her as the hero...

I must admit that bit o fan art is pretty awesome. It really catches the spirit of the character, and even the hair is done up in an attempt at the Carl Danvers faux-hawk. But why would a character who can fly, is super-strong and nigh invulnerable, and is able to absorb and project energy need a utility belt?