Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shazam! movie dead?

So it looks like the Shazam film project, once with New Line, now with EWB, is on hold, or dead, or at least John August is not writing it anymore.

In his blog post, writer John August describes how he wrote one scrips, a comedic bit with the boy learning how to be a superhero ("Big with super powers"), then got notes from New Line, then found out that WB had taken over, and got more notes, then was told to make the script darker and edgier (more like "Dark Knight"), then wrote a darker and edgier script, and then was told the project is "dead."

So for us fans, this makes, what, four years of waiting? This is the third writer or writing team on the project. Motion picture trends have come and gone in the time that has been spent in pre-production purgatory here. We've had casting rumors from the absurd (Dwayne Johnson as Captain Marvel) to the head-smackingly ridiculous (Jake Gyllenhall as Captain Marvel), and even a MTV Blogs casting survey (Dwayne Johnson should play Black Adam! Brandon Molale had a whole MySpace profile promoting him for the role of the Big Red Cheese (He certainly looks the part, but his reel and interview aren't selling me quite yet Captain AMrvel fans have tried to deconstruct "Get Smart" to see if they can get clues as to how a Shazam movie directed by Peter Segal would be. Michael Uslan keeps on saying that he want sit to be done right.

So what's next?