Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Shazam Family grows (for the SHAZAM! movie)

Just a few words as my time is short today:

The past few days have seen a whole lot of casting announcements for the upcoming "SHAZAM!" movie. These include Billy Batson as a toddler, Billy Batson's mom, and the heroic alter egos of Billy's foster siblings.

All this confirms what every other clue that has come out has led me (and lots of other people) to conclude: This is a movie about Shazam, the superhero in DC's New 52 and recent animated productions and video games, not the original Captain Marvel.

They are leaving Black Adam out of this movie, though, so while a lot of the story elements of the SHAZAM! back-up story in "Justice League" collected  in the trade paperback "SHAZAM!" are in the movie it obviously won't be a blow-by-blow copy. Still, with such characters as Dr. Sivana, Mr. Bryer, the foster family, and the "Seven Deadly Sins" either cast or rumored to be in the movie, there is not a whole lot of room for much else.

So let's stop the bemoaning of the "name change"and acknowledge that this is not a "Captain Marvel" movie, it is a "Shazam" movie.

But I am perfectly on board with wishing there was a movie about the original Captain Marvel.

What do you think? What will be the strongest elements of the new interpretation of the hero? Will this character concept be able to support a movie franchise? What differences between New 52 Shazam and the original Captain Marvel do you like the most and the least?


Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The SHAZAM! movie costume, and what it reveals about Shazam and Captain Marvel

Here is a little video I shot that explains my point of view on the whole Shazam/Captain Marvel name thing, what the SHAZAM! movie costume reveals about it, and why I make a point of Saying "Captain Marvel" sometimes and "Shazam" other times...

What do you think about the SHAZAM! movie being about the New 52 character, as opposed to the classic Captain Marvel? Put your thoughts in the comments!