Saturday, January 23, 2010

Monster Society of Evil cancelled AGAIN!

As reported by Cynthia Finnegan on the WorldsMightiestMortals Yahoo group, according to both Diamond Distributors and, the Monster Society of Evil reprint that has been promised from DC has been canceled.

Well, this is disappointing. Speculation runs rampant. Is DC trying t obury the Marvel Family out of some sense of revenge left over from the 1940's? Is it simply that no one at DC has any respect for the Marvel Family? Or perhaps the demons of political correctness raised their ugly heads over the truthfully offensive racial stereotypes (black, African, Japanese, German, Scottish, etc) that appear in the series. Or maybe, just maybe, they want to time the release to coincide with the long-promised and frequently rewritten Shazam movie.

Whatever the reason, fans and scholars will have to continue to hunt down the expensive, hardcover, poorly-bound reprint from the early 1990's, or read unauthorized downloads on line.