Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Marvel's Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) Third Trailer review!

Once again, we interrupt the "Blog History of Captain Marvel (all of them!)" to bring you the latest news about an upcoming Captain Marvel movie.

So, here is the third (and allegedly final) trailer for Marvel's Captain Marvel movie, a.k.a. "Special Look":

This one fleshes out a bit more of Carol Danvers' relationship with Nick Fury and the background and plot of the movie.

Combined with other evidence, it has been figured out that the leather biker jacket Carol is wearing (and presumable the helmet and motorcycle) were taken from Rob Kozinsky's character. This is clearly a Terminator 2 reference.

Skrulls are eclearly established as shape-shifters, and no doubt is left as to the race of the old lady on the subway.

Carol Danvers can shoot photon blasts out of her hands! (Reference to Monica Rambeau, Marvel's first female and only black Captain Marvel, whose mother appears in the film as a fellow air force jet pilot to Carol Danvers?)

Nick Fury tends bar in a dive in the middle of a western US desert. And what is it about Fury's left eye? We know he loses it later, but here he gets a serious cut over it. Perhaps he should learn to protect it better? Maybe not drop his left when he throws a punch?

That injury apparently happened after he first met her, as that shot of him knocking on the window nd removing his glasses did not include the eyebrow injury.

Jude Law's character (whom I am assuming is Yon-Rogg because the Funko Pop character with the same Kree-Starforce uniform, who happens to be the only male Kree in Starforce with a Caucasian face, is named so) is Carol Danvers' trainer, but there is some tension, as he warns her of reaching beyond her grasp.

Vers (as the Funko Pops reveal will be Carol Danvers' Kree name) has no memory of her past. While this might have been a reference to her split personality in the original comics (Carol Danvers wooed have memory blackouts and Ms. Marvel would not know who she was), but the YouTube breakdowners are all saying that there may well be some sort of false memories planted in her head.

Brie Larsen's performance is given more screen time than the two lines she gat in the first trailer. She has goen from deadpan to deadpan snarky.

One consistent thread through all of these trailers has been Carol Danvers falling and then getting back u p. It is my expectation that this will be the dominant theme of the picture. Carol stumbles. Carol makes mistakes. Carol bites off more than she can shew and fails, fall, collapses. But shew gets back up. Each and every time she rises up again, stronger, wiser, and more determined than ever to lick that challenge.

This is what makes HER a HERO.

Here are some easter egg/breakdown/commentary videos:

...and here are some "reaction" videos:

...and we finish it up with a couple of "reaction mashup" videos...


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