Saturday, July 21, 2018

SHAZAM! trailer released at San Diego Comic Con! BREAKING~!

HERE IT IS! Of the two movies based on Captain MArvel properties scheduled to come out next year, DC is the first one with an actual trailer!

This is not completely surprising, being as their movie wrapped shooting faster and earlier,I expect the plot to be simpler, and it certainly has fewer tie-ins with other movies from its studio.

Here it is, as it was shown at San Diego Comic Con:

So here we can see Asher Angel as Billy Batson finding his new foster home, Jack Dylan Grazer as his new foster-brother, Freddy, Mark Strong as Sivana, the super-powered (!) villain, at least one transformation into Zachary Levy as the hero, and a silhouetted Djimon Hounsou as the Wizard.

Now, of course, there were bunches of "reaction" and "explanation" videos posted immediately, as YouTube's "clickbait" dynamic was activated. Here are some of them:

...and here some folks even did "mashups" of a bunch of them!


I don't have time to watch and comment on all of them now, but I am keeping them here as a repository so that you and I can view them at our leisure later, especially after the movie comes out, and we can judge how right or wrong these reactions turned out to be!

If you have a reaction to this trailer, either  in video or text, please post it in the "comments" section, share this post, and subscribe to the Captain Marvel Culture blog!

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