Thursday, January 8, 2015

Shazam movie to be part of DC Cinematic Universe?

Around Christmastime the news came out that yes, Virginia, the new "Shazam" movie (which may or may ot have a hero in it named Captain Marvel) WILL be a part of the shared continuity of the curent slate of DC Comics' superhero movies. There had been thought that is would be separate, as "Earth S" was from the regular universes of DC superheroes before the Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1986. The fact that it was being produce by New Lne Pictures and that it had been said that it would have a "lighter tone" than other superhero movies seemed to confirm that. But now, officially, t looks like the same planet with Metropolis and Gotham, will also have an orphan newsboy who meets a n ancient wizard (unless they change that part of his origin story).

Here is a website that reported the news:

Here is a website that expanded on speculation about it (an has a lot of comments regarding it)

And herre is the blog post from DC that appears to announce the news:

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