Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Captain Marvel "Shazam!" Figure

At San Diego Comic Con, A new Captain Marvel figure was revealed.

I notice some things I like and some things I dislike with it. WARNING: they are ALL nit picks! But with a figure so realistically sculpted, I feel it deserves it.

Hair - not wavy enough, not "wet look" enough.
Eyebrows - too deep, doesn't turn up at the inside.
Eyes - greater effort should have been made to simulate the pupil-less squint.
The chin - not cleft.
The cuffs - only 4 bands, not 5
The cloak button - On top of the collar flap

Cuffs - the loop is on the side of the forearm.
Boots - the seam
Overall - the effect is of a heroic, smiling champion, which is what the original Captain Marvel is all about.

Half & half:
The cloak cord - Some illustrations show it twisted in one direction, some the other, so I can't pick on that.
The lightning bolt - I prefer the bolt that points to the navel to the one that points to the hip, but that's a losing battle these days.

Captain Zorikh

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